So this is 99% Andrea’s fault but basically Jack and Eugene honeymoon like rockstars on one of those remote Caribbean islands where Evan’s set up shop with an all inclusive, and they sit on the beach and read and drink a lot and HOLD HANDS like the disgusting married couple that they are.

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    Oh god, the prosthetic leg, I hadn’t noticed and ahhhh that just makes it more lovely
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    RADIO HUSBANDS (dying noises) Also gosh this picture is so amazingly lovely, right down fom the dorky sunglasses,...
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    Must .. Have .. On .. Dash .. Now ..Oxygen deficiency due to adorableness overload!And yay for Evan! His voice was sexy...
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    Nawwwww, so cute! I love the little details here. At first I was like “waaaait, is this from an AU, why does Gene have...
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    Oh no you drew the THING. Love that sneaky little hint of a prosthetic and their dumb sunglasses and that parasol is...
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