Eugene’s sprawled out on his back, mouth open and hair askew. One arm, flung wide, is maybe an inch from crunching a toy truck. The other is curled tight around a small bundle of blue flannel and equally messy hair, quite clearly drooling onto his chest despite the thumb stuck in its mouth. Ben’s still more baby than toddler here, and Jack wonders who snapped this one, and whether Gene managed any more sleep the rest of the day after it was taken. Judging from the smudges under his eyes, visible even with the murky quality, he bets not. -  Four Times Jack Awkwardly Creeped Photos of A Certain Hot Dad (And One Time the Other Way)

So basically you should go read this because hot dads.

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    Just one morning i want to wake up, check tumblr and NOT have to squee because of cute. Damn you, ZR fandom!!
  7. illustratedacorns said: Ugh god this turned out utterly gorgeous Kas, I for real gasped when the picture finally loaded. And AH I see those non-slip baby socks! And all the toys - the Abel blocks! Your attention to detail is astounding <3
  8. tiresias66 said: Totally adorable! And the blocks!
  9. sansa-star said: THE BLOCKS SAY “ABEL” I JUST NOTICED
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    Awww. I love this, and I also love the tiny sad twist it puts on the Jack/Eugene relationship in this AU. Jack wonders...
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    Kas how are you just consistently the BEST PERSON? How? Tiny Ben and his tiny terrible hair and Eugene’s face and don’t...
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    nope nope i can’t it’s just too cute oh my god it’s so cute
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    I see those Abel blocks, KAS WONDERSMITH.
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