crappy ten minute doodles of hot dads shopping with babies: the blog

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    this is so adorable I can’t even. Nothing is hotter than a man taking care of his babies ;_;
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  7. tumblyorro said: AWW! Eugeneeee. He looks so tired, poor thing x3
  8. ohdappledthings said: Hot dads with babies: my weakness. Alternatively: dads become hot WHEN they are carrying a baby.
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  11. sarahrunsfromzombies said: OMG! I’m in a bunch of babywearing groups (shut up! It’s a THING!) and pictures of hot dads wearing babies is pretty much porn in those circles. And this is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.
  12. tiresias66 said: Adorable! And you’ve caught the tired new-dad look so well.
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    Shopping list: fennel purple carrots shallots white wine vinegar diapers COFFEE (underlined twice) animal crackers "I’m...
  14. yuutfa said: You did this in ten minutes? Dayum, gurl. Envy for yo art prowess.
  15. illustratedacorns said: melts away~
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  17. zalia said: Oh my god, that is so so cute!!!! Eugene looks pretty exhausted, poor guy *hugs him*