I know I’ve said this like a million times by now, but man, I am really, really glad and grateful that I get to have you in my life. You’re so freaking smart and funny and kind, and you’re one of the only people in the world who I can just talk to for literally hours without getting all worn out, you know? I’m so fucking proud and excited for you that all these amazing things are happening in your career right now. What I would give to be able to go back four years and tell baby!you just how great things are going to be.

Your work ethic and ambition is seriously an inspiration to me, and I’m really, really lucky that I get to have you as a friend, and that I get to work on REALLY COOL STUFF WITH YOU. Also, you’re really fucking cute and you have great taste even though you CONSTANTLY INSIST THAT YOU DON’T, and you make me laugh harder than literally anyone. So yeah. I love you. You are the absolute worst. THE WORST.


i feel like it’s been an intense, heavy couple of days on tumblr so i want to do something uplifting!

send me a number and i’ll make a post about what i like about you! ♥

my meetings keep getting postponed and I have like nothing to do, so I’m bringing this back. LET ME SAY THINGS ABOUT YOU.

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I just about died when I heard this one. I’m sure someone has already pointed out, but we now have confirmation that Zoe Crick is…an Adventure Time fan!

(Or, you know, she overheard it while babysitting her sister’s kids. But still, Adventure Time!)

I straight up walked face-first into the side of a bus shelter the first time I heard this. I literally cannot deal with this cast.

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thewondersmith replied to your post “I don’t know why but I’ve spent the past week like Ace Phil Cheeseman…”

absolutely yes

Kasss, just — just think about what it does to that clip about first times. 


Dude, YEAH, his wanting to be a priest (and his decision not to be, like what is with that, I require his back story immediately) is super compelling, and even more so through a ace/queer platonic lens. And I can absolutely see his initial defensiveness re: Jack being grounded in a lot of denial. I think personally- especially now that we’ve gotten to know him as a character- I don’t know if I can see him being the sort of person who’d use slurs like that, but he was so antagonistic towards Jack in the beginning, like WAY more so than he ever was towards Eugene. (Also, fat idiot seems like such a Phil insult? Phil, you’ve never even seen him at this point, you giant chicken nugget.)

And man, all those mentions of the nurse are really sweet? Like, Zoe makes fun of the fact that he really likes it when she touches his hair, but there’s like zero indication that he even wants it to go further than that, which really does tie in super well with him being ace. UGH. Cheeseman, who are you even.

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Hackers and 90s cyberpunk style inspiration

Mandatory hackers reblog

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"Nathan Wuornos, just another teenage boy trying to take a girls’ clothes off."

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FO SHIZZLE - caramel custard gelato with candied hazelnuts, raspberry purée and chocolate chips. All over this shiz? Fo shiz !

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